USB-Box with images

  • Material Leather Look rough
  • Color black
  • Print-Box perfect for 10x15cm images. High: 4cm
  • Cover-Image outside ca. 8x8cm
  • USB Stick is NOT part of the product

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  • 1 piece Presentation-Box, with a hinged top
  • 2 pieces Presentation-Box, with a separate top
  • Material Sumeria black
  • Middle size fits for 10x15cm images with mounts (max 25) or 15x20cm without mounts
  • Big size fits for 13x18cm images with mounts (max 25) or 20x25cm without mounts
  • Mounts (passepartouts) have to be ordered separately

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Love Linen Boxes

Designed to professionally present matted images to your clients.  All boxes are made of archival quality products and are an excellent storage solution for loose prints. 

  • Colors Oatmeal and Storm
  • One piece hinged Print Box
  • Middle Size fits 10x15cm images with mats (max 25) or 15x20cm images without mats
  • Large Size fits 13x18cm images with mats (max 25) or 20x25cm images without mats

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Photo Mounts

You will present your photos perfectly with our corboard-mounts.
The Mounts can be used just as they are or with a presentation- or a image box.

  • Amount per package: 10 pieces
  • Mount colour white or black with white core
  • 13x18cm mount for 10x15cm image (only black available)
  • 15x20cm mount for 10x15 image
  • 20x25cm mount for 13x18cm image
  • We are happy to cut your special sizes

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