Digital Album

The Digital Magazine album is a sleek and contemporary album deisgn with hand crafted digital style pages using professional photographic paper. 

  • Choice of Standard Digital Pages (gap in crease and standard page thickness) or slimline (image runs across page spread with no gap crease and thinner page)
  • Available in over 50 cover materials (.pdf) and a selection of cover designs
  • Album sizes: 13x18cm / 15x20cm / 18x18cm / 22x22cm / 30x30cm / 18x25cm / 25x35cm / 30x30cm / 22x40cm / 30x40cm 
  • Clear Flyleafs / Embossed Flyleafs and studio logos are available as extras
  • 10 pages (20 sides) to 30 pages (60 sides)

See here for further information on the JORGENSEN Digital Album (.pdf)